Equine (IR) Training Class – Day 2 – Hands-on Experience at Clews Horse Ranch – San Diego, CA

EquineIR is a training and marketing module from United Infrared developed for certified infrared thermographers to learn how to conduct an equine scan as part of their business service. The trained EquineIR consultant takes a specific sequence of images which are sent to Joanna Robson, DVM and Mike DeLeonardo, Farrier, the technical directors of EquineIR, for evaluation. A report is generated for the owner and trainer to use. Video by Ken English, DaytonaBeachVideoMarketing.com.

Equine(IR) Thermal Imaging Training Class – Hands On Experience at Steffen Peters’ Arroyo Del Mar

EquineIR is a training module developed by Level 3 Thermographer Peter Hopkins, Joanna Robson, DVM and Farrier Mike DeLeonardo to teach a non-invasive process of evaluation for horses.

Infrared thermography can be used to identify areas of possible nerve and muscle damage, as well as improper saddle fitting and hoof-balancing. The trained EquineIR thermographer takes a specific series of images which are then evaluated by Dr. Robson and Mr. DeLeonardo who issue a report for the horse’s owner and trainer to take to their vet for implementation.

Video by Ken English, http://daytonabeachvideomarketing and http://mediamojoguy.com.