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Jo Anne Staley – Natural Concepts Revisited

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Brownie’s Dog Boutique


Pai in the Sky Historic Greyhound Bus Depot Restoration Project in Daytona Beach, FL – February 2015 Update #2

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Riverfront Friday in Downtown Daytona – Outdoor Movie and Concert by Up2it

The fourth Friday of each month is now known as Riverfront Friday. It began on 26 April 2014 with a performance of a local rock band called Up2it, and an outdoor movie – Hunger Games: To Catch Fire sponsored by Daytona Cinematique.

The event is organized by the Daytona Downtown Development Authority, and supported by sponsors. For more information, visit

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Stand-up Paddleboarding in Downtown Daytona

Stand-up paddleboarding is a recreational activity that combines outdoor exercise with a peaceful couple of hours on the water.

Check out Three Brothers Paddleboards for more information.