Video Banners

A Video Banner is wide video with a narrow height. The height is determined when the video is produced. When uploaded to YouTube, there is black space above and below the screen. The black area can be removed by changing the parameters in the embed code. In order to change the parameters, you have to use the OLD EMBED CODE, not the “iframe.”

The Video Banner can be set to play automatically and loop. It can be produced with, or without, audio. No audio is best if you are planning to have the video loop. No audio is best if the video plays automatically and you have other videos on the same page. You can pause/stop the video by clicking on the screen.

This is an example of a silent Video Banner that autoplays and loops. This is way it looks on YouTube:

This video has audio. It is set to autoplay, but not to loop, so it will play one time. Or, it can be stopped/paused, by clicking on the screen. The black areas have been removed.