360 Video Experiment

There are FIVE “go to” buttons in the video (pointing finger), one on each page.

Each video clip is a 360 view. If you don’t want to wait for it to make the rotation, click the ICON with the “pointing finger.”

The sequence is simple because I’m working on the “thought process.”

The night time bridge link, adjacent to an INFO icon that shows a picture of the Hard Rock Hotel, goes to the BEACH near the hotel.

The link on the building goes to the hotel deck.

The link from the deck goes INTO the hotel.

The link from the first INSIDE picture goes to another location in the lobby.

Each SCENE is an image at the bottom of the video, so you can JUMP to a specific location if you want.

The video will rotate 360 degrees, but you can ZOOM in and out with the WHEEL on your mouse, as well as GRAB the image and move it around.