Do you want to leave a legacy?

imagination reef miami

After you die, do you care if anyone remembers you?

If you have a passion for the ocean, a concern for the environment, hope for the future, even though you won’t be part of it, then a memorial might be something to consider.

Imagination Reef is a memorial project located southeast of Miami, Florida.

Check out the Imagination Reef Project for more information. Join our Facebook group: #imaginationreef.

Coral Reefs are in serious jeopardy. Warming water temperature and land-based pollution have destroyed more than half of the world’s coral reefs, affecting fish and other marine life is the process.

Imagination Reef is more than fish habitat. It’s a dedicated education and research area, built with limestone boulders arranged in a thematic pattern.

Development Project – Test Video

imagination reef miami

Video is a test, mixing music with subtitles and images for an unusual artificial reef to be constructed near Miami, FL. This is a demo to see if subtitles would be enough to tell a story, rather than voice narration, thus allowing for music with lyrics to be played. Much loved Hawaiian entertainer IZ was created when he died in 1997. His ashes were spread on the water of the Pacific ocean. Imagination Reef will memorialize a number of people who were “larger than life.”