Cruisin’ Down A1A along Daytona Beach on 27 November 2012

It was 75 degrees. The sun was shining. I thought I’d take a ride down A1A on my way to the grocery store. I didn’t have to take the long way, but I wanted to spend a few minutes looking at the ocean. When I left the water, I began to notice all the hotels and motels along the way.

Daytona Beach and its neighbor to the south, Daytona Beach Shores, have dozens of properties, ranging from small motels on the west side of the road to large condominiums on the east. Between the two extremes are properties with ornamental facades, such as a large Polynesian Tiki Head, and chain link fences keeping vagrants out.

There are investment opportunities, if you’d like to own an oceanfront motel. In fact, you could buy a functioning motel for the price of a couple empty condos.

Anyway, it was an interesting drive. I plan to do it again, so if you’d like to know when I do, click here and enter your email address:

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