Online Marketing is a combination of elements – audio, video, text and images

globe with connectsMarketing a product or service today is different from marketing a product or service 10 years ago. It’s different than it was 5 years ago. And, it will be different in future because of the rapid expansion of mobile communications and social media.

It’s an on-going process. A learning curve that never flattens out.

Marketing online is now the primary method of communication with prospects and clients. Whether its a basic blog or website, or social media platform, marketers need to be content producers.

With, you can create an internet radio program to talk about a product or service. The show is recorded and archived, allowing people to listen at their convenience. enables a person to show AND tell people about products and services. Although motion video with a camcorder or HD camera is what people have in mind when they talk about video, you can produce a video quickly, and effectively, from digital images (JPG) with a service like Animoto. Video is an asset that helps improve indexing (rank on a search engine) for a website or blog on Google, and other search engines.

The WordPress and Blogger platforms make it easier to produce content than an html website, but text and images by themselves will take a long time, if ever, to appear on Google’s 1st page. But a YouTube video can appear on Google’s first page in a matte of minutes, depending upon the keywords. You use the video to tell people about your product or service and direct them to your website or blog.

Millions of people search for information with search engines every day. Google has more than 50% of the volume,  but there are several. If you’d like to learn more about the various search engines, check out

Daytona Beach Video Marketing is a service provider. By combining audio, text and images to create a YouTube video, then distributing the video on a variety of social media platforms, a business of any size can have a presence on the internet. Google – daytona beach video marketing – to see how it can work.

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