Spirits in the Sky – Moon Over Daytona Beach – 29 November 2012

While watching the clouds move across the sky, I began to focus on the moon. It was full. It was bright.

I grabbed my Canon Vixia R300, mounted it on a tripod and pointed it at the moon. As I zoomed in, I could see dark areas, which gradually looked like a face. Sunglasses. A nose. A slight smile.

Rather than just put the night sky, I wanted to include some relevant quotes, so I did what you do now, Googled “moon quotes.” There are a lot of them, including quotes by, and about, Rev. Moon and Keith Moon, to name two people with that name. Some were too long. Some, I thought, were rather dumb. I used a few that I liked. One, referred to the moon being the same one that George Washington and Cleopatra saw. It’s obvious, when you think about it, but who thinks about the moon in the context of historical figures, such as Napoleon. Homer (not Simpson). Jesus. We’ll I haven’t, but maybe I will now.

Yes, I did add John Lennon and Elvis.

The soundtrack consists of two royalty-free music tracks I thought fit the mood.

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