Where has time gone?

I’ve been busy with some projects, and have neglected to post the videos on this site. Even though, it’s the one I point people to. So, I will begin with recent video, working backward. Sometimes, I think that’s my MO. I just finished this video for the Halifax River Yacht Club’s Summer Sailing Camp 2015. The camp is a series of six, one week programs. Each week, 25 to 30 kids, age 7 to 16, learn the basics of sailing. This is Day 2 of Week 5.

I set up, and maintain a Facebook page for the Summer Sailing Camp. I’m willing to admit I’ve become more of a Facebook fan, than I was before the camp began. I’ve realized it’s a great tool for communicating with the parents of the kids in the program. Since most work, or are out of the area, posting pictures and video enables them to see what their kids are doing.

I take several dozen digital pictures, posting the best ones to a Photo Album on the FB page. The parents can see, and download, images of their kids, in HD quality. After putting them in the Photo Album, I can change the header and profile images on a regular basis, featuring some of the best ones. Then, I can make a video from the images. While there are several image-to-video services, I happen to like Animoto. It’s easy to use, and to push the video to Youtube, and a variety of social media sites. While HD is available, I’ve been using the standard 360p, but I may change, soon.

For now, when I want HD quality, I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio. The above video is from Sony Vegas, and it’s better than 360p, for sure.

The video was shot using a Samsung Note 3, as a post to FB page as a near-realtime update, then edited. Music was added. More could have been done, but since this is, roughly, the 25th video in the sailing camp series, I didn’t want to “go overboard.”