Widescreen Video Looks Cool

I’ve been experimenting with the video display. I know, why don’t I just use the standard rectangle? Well, it has to do with visibility. Your eyes provide a panorama, of sorts. We see better by width, than by height.

I wanted to replicate the video banners on the YouTube landing page.

As I practiced, I realized I could produce the original video with a different aspect ratio and get a cinema-effect. Add some dynamic music and, perhaps, a voiceover, and you have a soundtrack. If the soundtrack is music, rather than noise with a beat, it can help with the sale, be it a non-profit environmental group, an infrared thermography network or a digital magazine focus on the ocean.

I’ll be developing samples, so check out DaytonaBeachVideoMarketing.com or YouTube.com/DaytonaBeachVideo if you’d like to see my progress.

Your business could be involved with a Daytona Beach event via a social media campaign using a BlogTalkRadio program, a YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Check out WidescreenVideo.info learn more about showcasing your product, destination or special event in a widescreen format and enjoying the Power of P.O.P – producing, optimizing and promoting – as you utilize social media effectively.